As part of its mission to promote knowledge sharing, the RETROFEED project, in collaboration with its consortium partners, organized a series of workshops, with each session focused on a specific sector solution within the project.

On 13th October, RETROFEED project organized an online technical workshop called “towards more efficient aluminium and steel industries” conducted by Olga Lysenko (IVL). First, Roberto Arevalo (CIRCE) provided an overview of the project. Then, Aleksandra Kiedrzyńska (IEN) and Andrea De Vito (CSM) explains the technical aspects of the digital twins developed for aluminium and steel industries, respectively. They explained  how they create the digital twins, taking into account the inputs and the outputs and also the models obtained, that are key for the Decision Support System (DSS) of RETROFEED. Then, Tutku Özen (ASAS) and Daniele Olivieri (FENO) show the retrofitting actions implemented in their demo sites with very good impacts such as a reduction of 75% of GHG emissions and an increase of resource energy of 57% in ASAS or a reduction of anthracite consumption of 20% using tire grains instead in FENO.

Watch or rewatch this session below: