Transforming the metal-making industry: Showcases for retrofitting and circularity

How to transform the metal-making industry for greater circularity? 

Meeting the Green Deal target is an enormous challenge for the metal sector considering its energy intensity, and at the same time, metals are key enablers of the transition to a circular and climate neutral European economy, and essential to EU’s strategic autonomy and resilience.

At the invitation of three EU-funded projects, RETROFEED, REVaMP and INITIATE, 35 professionals gathered on 26 September to present and discuss showcases for retrofitting and circularity in the metal-making industry stemming from the projects’ experience with characterisation and intelligent use of metal scrap (REVaMP), decision support and retrofitting tools (RETROFEED), and Industrial symbiosis between the steel and ammonia sectors (INITIATE). A panel discussion with end-users (SIDENOR, ARCELORMITTAL and ASAS) further explored the challenges for uptake and replication of the solutions. Demand for “green” metals is growing, and with it the incentives for producers to invest in innovative technologies such as those developed through Horizon Europe research projects. 

Watch the session below or download the slides for more information. 

Many thanks to our speakers, Jean Théo Ghenda from EUROFER, Bernd Kleimt from REVaMP, Roberto Avalero Turnes and Luca Ferrari from RETROFEED, Eric van Dijk from INITIATE, Diana Meir from SIDENOR, Marian Flores Granobles from ARCELORMITTAL and Tutku Özen from ASAS for sharing their insights and expertise.