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PFA’S and the green transition – How can we strike a balance?


Per- and poly-fluoroaklyl substances (PFAS) are resilient organic compounds rich in fluorine, often dubbed 'forever chemicals'. The EU's chemicals strategy aims to phase out non-essential PFAS use, potentially banning around 10,000 PFAS substances. However, concerns have arisen within industries, suggesting a blanket ban could disrupt essential technologies and lack solid scientific support. In this Euractiv […]

Digitalisation for circular resource-intensive industries: Final results from RETROFEED project

Comet Louise Place Stéphanie 20, Bruxelles

After an exhilarating and demanding four-year journey, the RETROFEED project is excited to unveil its most promising outcomes. Join us for a special event taking place in the heart of Europe, Brussels, as well as online, providing an opportunity for all interested stakeholders and experts to engage. The journey towards decarbonization has been set in […]