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Expert interview to Carlos Concepcion

  1. What is the added value of RETROFEED for Torrecid?
In the framework of RETROFEED, whose general objective is to enable the use of an increasingly variable, bio-based, and circular feedstock through the retrofitting of core equipment and the implementation of an advanced monitoring and control system, TORRECID has been able to implement diverse solutions, from energy recovery, circular economy reuses of internal by products, to resource reduction by using novel monitoring equipment in an industry 4.0 environment. Moreover, the initial goal of energy reduction of 20% has been achieved.

  1. What actions is Torrecid currently developing or planning to achieve its decarbonisation goals?
Torrecid is continuously improving the manufacturing capacities to reduce electrical power consumption, installing photovoltaic panels; research on decarbonization technologies is a continuous effort to be an Innovation leading company.

  1. Is Torrecid currently considering fuels alternative to NG?
Torrecid is an energy intensive industry and currently highly dependent on NG. Indeed the use of alternative fuels is being studied as well as other comburents. In this line, Torrrecid has been part of initiatives like Orange.bat in line with green deal and Spanish route for decarbonisation.

  1. Is it possible to use rejects or wastes as feedstock for Torrecid’s process? If so, what actions are developing or planning to develop to increase its use?
RETROFEED has allowed to reduce wastes generated within its own process. Nowadays, circular economy is a part of all companies, nevertheless main restrictions are the availability and regularity of wastes, and presence of impurities. The fact that raw materials purity and regularity are quite important to produce high-quality frits has to be taken into consideration. Plus, legal restrictions on transportation of products labelled as waste, difficult the handling.

  1. What is the degree of replicability of the IA projects whithin Torrecid’s worldwide facilities? Are there currently plans to implement?
TORRECID is a worldwide company with subsidiaries and manufacturing centers in 28 countries. Mission is to provoke the change through global leadership in innovation to provide novel solutions technology trends and novel fashion trends to customers providing them with differentiation and added value. The developed tools within the project will be replicated to the rest of smelters and subsidiaries. In line with one of the goals of the project, to ensure results replication and the exploitation of the retrofitting potential in REIIs through a retrofitting methodology, contributions to standardization bodies and capacity building programs, TORRECID works together with partners and CIRCE to exploit benefits in other sectors. Ceramic tile manufacturers, and concrete manufacturers can benefit from the DSS tool since it covers the whole chain, from raw material to energy use and emissions generated in process.