Expert Interview

Expert Interview with Manuel Gomez Perez

  1. What is CORALIS project main objective?

CORALIS main objective is the implementation of Industrial symbiosis solutions under real conditions. 3 demo sites and 3 followers are learning about Industrial symbiosis from three different perspectives; managerial, technical, and economic.


  1. What would you say are the links between CORALIS and RETROFEED projects? 

Both projects are using alternative resources in existing processes with the aim of minimizing natural resources (fossil ones) in the Energy intensive sectors.

  1. From a technical point of view, what are the possibilities CORALIS is bringing in the long term?

The valorization of waste resources such as CO2 from flue gases from fossil fuel combustion, solid waste from the iron&steel sector and waste heat from different sectors through innovative and conventional technologies is the most important long-term technical impact of the project.

  1. Which solutions do you think would be the game-changers when it comes to the decarbonisation of Energy Intensive Industries? 

Those solutions related to the electrification of processes currently based on the generation of thermal energy via fossil fuel combustion and the use of renewable gases such as H2 and biomethane in a more circular approach are probably two significant game-changers in the energy-intensive sectors.