Ceramic sector


Demosite: TORRECID

Sector: Ceramic

Location: Alcora, Castellon (Spain)

Demo-site objectives

– To achieve a reduction in both waste generation and raw materials consumption by implementing circular economy principles.

– To improve materials, reduction of waste and of cooling water.​

– To improve the energy efficiency of the plant’s main process.​

– To obtain a better understanding of the processes through new improved simulation models and improved monitoring.​

Demo-site achievements

  • Basic engineering of the new control system in the smelter furnace done.
  • Developed the digital twin of the frits production process.
  • Detailed engineering of the control system and by-pass for combustion air pre-heating done
  • Retrofitting solutions implemented in the first smelter

Company overview

TORRECID is a multinational business group, founded in 1963 and dedicated to providing products, services, solutions and future trends to different sectors like ceramic tiles, glass, plastics, coatings, paints, etc. TORRECID’s headquarters are located in Alcora (Spain). TORRECID Group is composed of 3000 employees, 34 companies located in 28 countries with a turnover around 700 M€. 

TORRECID Group offers its customers a complete range of products which can be divided as follow: frits and glazes for ceramics, glass and metal; ceramic and glass pigments, high density alumina grind media, precious metals, additives and mediums, technical service of inject printing, engineering ceramic applications, advanced ceramics, inks and nanomaterials. TORRECID’s growth is based on providing added value to its customers through innovation, as it is reflect in the Mission: “Provoke the Change through the Global Leadership in Innovation to generate New Solutions and Future Trends to provide the Best Competitive Advantages and the Maximum Added Value”. 

As a result of the continuous effort and commitment in innovation, different products have been launched in the market over the years. To mention some of them: 

  • Sekcid®: easy to clean coating for ceramic tiles and glass.
  • Lamipres®: glaze tapes.
  • Vitrocid®: glass-ceramic material.
  • Non-slip®: non-slip coating based on nanoparticles for ceramic tile.
  • Slimcid® and Slimcidfloor®: ceramic tile substrates with only 6 mm thickness for wall and floor.
  • Inkcid®: a complete range of inkjet inks for inkjet printing technology on ceramic tiles and glass.


Project Coordinator

Project Coordinator

Diego Redondo, PhD – Fundación CIRCE

Email: dredondo@fcirce.es

Carlos Concepcion – TORRECID

Email: carlos.concepcion@torrecid.com