Steel sector



Sector: Steel

Location: Friuli (Italy)

Demo-site objectives

– To achieve a local and sustainable supply of raw materials for the production of high quality steel.​

– To demonstrate an economically feasible way of using bio-based raw material in the steel making process leveraging on previous projects and investment on research around this topic.​

– To reduce the emission of the plant by means of a single solution.​

– To update the control system of the steel making process by introducing the new elements in the control loop.​​

Demo-site achievements

  • Design of flexible burner for alternative fuels done
  • Tests for using alternative fuels in the flexible burner were carried out
  • Digital Twin of Electric Arc Furnace developed

Company overview

The Pittini Group, headquartered in Osoppo, Udine province, is a leading company in the production of long steels for the construction and mechanical industry.

Ferriere Nord S.p.A. (FENO), founded in the Sixties, is the largest company in the group with manufacturing facilities located in Osoppo (Udine) and Nave (Brescia). The whole production site includes an electric mill, a rolling mill for the production of steel bars and coils for reinforced concrete, one rolling plant for wire rod besides several systems for meshes and lattice girders. Steel products produced by the Ferriere Nord plants ate renowned at the international level for high safety and ductility.


Project Coordinator

Project Coordinator

Diego Redondo, PhD – Fundación CIRCE


Loris Bianco – FERRIERE NORD ​