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December 2023

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RETROFEED present at COP28’s EU side event!

The 28th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28) convened in Dubai...
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October 2023

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After a challenging and rewarding four-year journey, the RETROFEED project hosted its final event in Brussels, Belgium, and online, on the 25th of October.

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July 2023


Expert Interview with Manuel Gomez Perez

Manuel Gomez Perez is a Project Manager at Fundación CIRCE, and the Technical Project Coordinator of CORALIS EU Project. With a solid background in Chemical Engineering, Manuel has worked in R&D Engineering and has experience in different industry areas.

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June 2023



The EUSEW offered, once again, fresh opportunities to deliver and lead Europe’s clean energy transition, and RETROFEED was one of the chosen projects to be present at this event, for its potential to deliver real and manageable solutions for the energy transition occurring, especially by the Energy Intensive Industries in Europe.

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May 2023


RETROFEED VII General Assembly

status of the project and visit the installations of TORRECID, and, specially, the ones related with RETROFEED project. 

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Researchers visit Fertiberia plant

Within the framework of RETROFEED, in April, Fertiberia - one of the demo sites in the agrochemical sector involved in the project, received a group of researchers from the University of Seville at their plant in Palos de la Frontera.

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December 2022



Last 23rd and 24th November 2022, RETROFEED partners met again in person in Udine (Italy) to explain the last advances in the project and visit the installations of FERRIERE NORD, and, specially, the ones...

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RETROFEED at ENLIT Europe 2022

ENLIT Europe took place from November 29th to the 1st of December in Frankfurt, Germany. This year, RETROFEED had the opportunity to showcase at a dedicated stand in the EU Projects Zone...

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Expert interview to Carlos Concepcion

Carlos Concepcion is a senior researcher working in the technology innovation department at Torrecid. With more than 25 years of experience, Carlos has an industrial chemistry background and is responsible for several national and international collaborative projects.

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July 2022


Monitoring and demonstration plan

The RETROFEED approach is being demonstrated in six industries from five different resource and energy intensive sectors...
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CFD simulations of the melting furnace and development of a digital twin at ASAS

RETROFEED is a European funded project that aims to boost the use of increasingly variable, bio-based and circular...
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June 2022


RETROFEED VI General Assembly

Last 31st May and 1st June, RETROFEED partners met again in person in Huelva (Spain), after more than 2 years of online meetings.

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May 2022


Design and drawings of the new burner head design

The objective of the RETROFEED project in the aluminum industry is to increase the amount of scrap aluminum in the melting furnace from 37.8% to 48% to save energy.

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April 2022


RETROFEED Decision Support System (DSS) release

The Retrofeed Project objective is the retrofitting of 6 different industrial processes to reduce both their environmental impact and reduce the dependency on certain raw materials introducing innovative circular economy concept in the value chain.

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New flexible burner to increase productivity and reduce electricity consumption

In RETROFEED project, it is expected to use renewable feedstock for our demo-site partners in the steel sector FENO and SILCOTUB. The reason is that the electric arc furnace (EAF) used to melt the steel scrap has both a very high energy consumption and related environmental footprint.
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March 2022


Design and drawings of the new O2 injector and delacquering drum

The objective of RETROFEED project in aluminum industry is to increase the amount of scrap aluminum in the melting furnace from 37.8% to 48% in order to save energy. 

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Machine Learning micro-services APIs

RETROFEED is an EU-funded project that aims at boosting the use of increasingly variable, bio-based and circular feedstock in process industries...
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Retrofeed signed Collaboration Agreement with RE4Industry

Today, 4th of March 2022, RETROFEED is pleased to announce its collaboration with EU project RE4INDUSTRY (GA 952936). This collaboration comes from common synergies and goals from both projects.

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January 2022

What is coming up in 2022?

The 2022 is, probably, the key year of the project. RETROFEED is expected to install and test the new sensors developed and the DSS will be finished for all demo sites, starting its use by the plant operators.

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RETROFEED milestones and main activities in 2021

2021 has just finished, and now is the moment to recap all the activities that, despite restrictions by COVID-19, RETROFEED partners have carried out to achieve the final goals of the project. 

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December 2021


Research & Development in Power Engineering (RDPE)

The 15th conference on Research & Development in Power Engineering (RDPE) ended yesterday, having been considered - bearing in mind the challenges which the sector of power engineering has been facing - a vital event to shape both Poland’s and the European energy sector. 

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November 2021


International Conference on Material Science and Technology (IMSTEC’21)

Material Engineering), the 6th edition of the International Conference on Material Science and Technology (IMSTEC) took place in Cappadocia, Turkey from the 26th to the 28th of November. 

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May 2021


European Commission updates its EU industrial strategy

Brussels (May 2021) - This week the European Commission updated the EU Industrial Strategy to ensure that its industrial ambition takes full account of the new circumstances following the COVID-19 crisis and helps to drive the transformation to a more sustainable, digital, resilient and globally competitive economy. It shows support for industrial sectors that are strategic to the European economy and that are pushing to rally and decarbonise in the post-COVID-19 era, but that are dependent on an enabling framework preventing carbon leakage.

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How reusing waste heat can take aluminium one step closer to becoming a greener industry

Brussels (May 2021) Aluminium is one of the most recycled commodities in the world, but the processes involved in the production of this metal still leave a high environmental impact on the planet. New waste heat recovery technologies can take the industry one step closer to achieving cleaner production methods.


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#03 Augmented Reality (AR) - From visualized data to x-applications for the digital energy industry.

Brussels (May 2021) - Augmented reality can do much more than make the invisible visible. It connects our analog and digital data worlds. In doing so, it creates transitions that did not exist before. 2D data can be linked with 3D data and visualized. 

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The EU Coordinated Plan on AI: Expectations for the Energy Transition

Brussels (May 2021) - The European Commission published on 21 April 2021 its newest set of actions and regulations for managing the development of Artificial Intelligence in the European Union. This vastly popular technology is gaining ground quickly throughout member states, bringing hope for solutions to reach EU energy and climate targets, as well as risks to evolve in counter-effective and even dangerous directions.

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April 2021


State-of-the-art of the industrial digital landscape

Brussels (April 2021) - The last industrial revolution may have started in the digital service sector but in the past decade heavy industries are slowly embracing the new digital wave with the design and development of specific tools that could help their manufacturing processes increasing productivity and therefore competitiveness.

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February 2021


Is Blockchain the solution for Carbon Tracing, Sustainable Supply Chains and Circular Economy?

Brussels (February 2021) For most (or at least many) people Blockchain "has something to do with Bitcoin", kind of a weird digital currency with enormous price fluctuations and recently prominently featured by media following Elon Musk buying Bitcoins for more than a billion USD. But there are other initiatives underway, driven by global majors in industry and IT and supported by global platforms as well as innovative Blockchain startups. 

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October 2020

Steel mill

Europe’s energy-intensive industries coping with covid crisis while trying to stay on sustainable path

Brussels (October 2020) - Current times are posing many challenges; among these, people that have to cope with the COVID-19 crisis and with a paralysed economy. And what's happening to industries?

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September 2020


Europe’s steel industry and the need to decarbonise

Brussels (September 2020) - Steel industry needs to decarbonise, but what will be its cost? Would consumers be willing to pay for a "greener" steel? Are there incentives and initiatives going on?

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August 2020

Steel industry

Latest report - Economic and steel market outlook 2020-2021

Brussels (August 2020) - The latest report, released by EUROFER - the European association of steel industry, showcase the economic and market outlook for 2020-2021 in the steel industry.

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June 2020


Investing in improving energy efficiency is industry's chance to be part of the post-pandemic economic recovery

Brussels (June 2020) - In January 2020, the European Commission presented its European Green Deal Investment Plan.

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May 2020

European Green Deal call - public consultation open until june 2020

Brussels (May 2020) - The European Commission launched a public consultation to help shape the EU #GreenDeal call - open until 3rd June 2020.

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CEMBUREAU's roadmap towards #Cement2050 - a Carbon Neutrality Roadmap

Brussels (May 2020) - CEMBUREAU, representing the interests of European cement industry, publishes its roadmap that "looks at how CO2 emission can be reduced by acting at each stage of the value chain [...] to achieve zero net emissions by 2050".

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CEFIC shares concrete example of how chemical industry in Europe is fighting the Covid-19

Brussels (May 2020) - CEFIC, the European Chemical industry Council, has recently shared a list of initiatives led by chemical industries all around Europe, in order to support countries in the battle against Covid-19

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Circular Aluminium Action Plan - EUROPEAN ALUMINIUM shares its strategy for achieving aluminium's full potential for circular economy by 2030

Brussels (May 2020) - European Aluminium, representing the entire value chain of the aluminium industry in Europe, published its strategy towards a circular economy approach for 2030.

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EUROPEAN ALUMINIUM shares a set of recommendations for a sustainable industrial recovery plan

Brussels (May 2020) - European Aluminium, representing the entire value chain of the aluminium industry in Europe, outlines a set of concrete recommendations that the EU Commission and Member States could take into consideration to help industries overcome the current crisis.

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CEMBUREAU position paper on EU recovery - a joint declaration by CEOs of the European Cement Industry

Brussels (May 2020) - CEMBUREAU, representing the interests of European cement industry, publishes a position paper for concrete actions to achieve a successful recovery plan.

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April 2020


EUROFER's priorities on carbon neutrality and circularity for steel

Brussels (April 2020) - EUROFER, representing the entirety of steel production in the European Union, shares its priorities and vision on carbon neutrality and circular economy for steel market.

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How COVID-19 might implicate the European fertilizers industry

Brussels (April 2020) - CEFIC, the European Chemical Industry Council, shares a vision on how the Covid-19 outbreak might affect European Fertilizers industry.

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CERAME-UNIE position on European Commission’s circular economy action plan

Brussels (April 2020) - CERAME-UNIE, the Brussels-based umbrella organisation representing the European ceramic industry structured in nine sectors, expresses its position towards the EC Circular Economy Action Plan.

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CEFIC and "Facts and Figures 2020" on EU chemical industry

Brussels (April 2020) - CEFIC, the European Chemical Industry Council, shares "Facts and Figures 2020" of European chemical industry, "a wealth generating sector of the economy and a major contributor to building a sustainable future for Europe".

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CEMBUREAU's contribution to a Green Deal for Europe

Brussels (April 2020) - "With 15% of CO2 emissions reduced in cement manufacturing since 1990, we have already made significant changes and will continue to do so across the cement and concrete value chain." CEMBUREAU, representing the interests of European cement industry, shares its contribution for a EU Green Deal.

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March 2020

New Logo Circular Economy Action Plan

New Circular Economy Action Plan

Brussels (March 2020) - As one of the main building blocks of the European Green deal, the European Commission has approved and published the "New Circular Economy Action Plan", that "aims to make our economy fit for a green future, stregthen our competitiveness while protecting the environment and give new rights to consumers".

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