Objectives and Innovation

Circular economy concepts applied to retrofitting

Bio-base sources as alternative feedstock

Steel industry residues and other similar residues for other industrial sectors as alternative feedstock

Retrofeed goals

  • Goal 1 - Increase knowledge in REII processes by deploying advanced modelling techniques and implementing a new monitoring infrastructure in different steps of the production chains
  • Goal 2 - Implement a circular economy approach leveraging on retrofitting for the introduction on by-product and waste streams as alternative feedstock
  • Goal 3 - Adapt REII equipment for the provision and use of bio-based whether as fuel or raw materials, thus replacing traditional feedstock for improving the processes of environmental performances
  • Goal 4 - Improve the control system of retrofitted processes in order to deal with a higher variability in feedstock while improving their overall technical, economic and environmental performances
  • Goal 5 - Develop a Decision Support System for assessing the best retrofitting options and operation plan of the improved processes in order to achieve a high impact over the whole production chain
  • Goal 6 - Ensure results replication and the exploitation of the retrofitting potential in REIIs throrugh a retrofitting methodology, contributions to standardisation bodies and capacity building activities